Symposium SKM Dissertation Prize (SYSD)
Prof. Dr. Klaus Richter, Universität Regensburg

Symposium GR-HK-T-Dissertationspreis (SYGD)
Prof. Dr. Claus Lämmerzahl, Universität Bremen

Frontiers of Light (SYFL)
Prof. Dr. Klaus Richter, Universität Regensburg
Prof. Dr. Martin Wolf, FHI Berlin

Domain Wall Functionality and Engineering in Complex Oxides (SYDW)
of the divisions DF (leading), DS, KR, MA, MI, TT
PD Dr. Elisabeth Soergel, Universität Bonn;
Dr. Dennis Meier, ETH Zürich;
Prof. Dr. Manfred Fiebig, ETH Zürich

On-Surface Polymerization (SYOP)
of the divisions CPP (leading), HL, MI, O
Dr. Kathrin Müller, Universität Groningen;
Dr. Meike Stöhr, Universität Groningen

Geometric Paradigms in Mothen Physics (SYGP)
of the divisions GR (leading), GP, MP, TT and the AGPhil
Prof. Dr. Domenico Giulini, Universität Hannover;
Prof. Dr. Karl-Henning Rehren, Universität Göttingen;
J. Prof. Dr. Dennis Lehmkuhl, Universität Wuppertal

Physics of Sustainability and Human-Nature Interactions (SYPS)
of the divisions SOE (leading), DY, BP and the AGjDPG
Dr. Reik Donner, MPI Biogeochemistry Jena;
Dr. Diego Rybski, PIK Potsdam

Higgs Modes in Condensed Matter and Quantum Gases (SYHM)
of the divisions TT (leading), DY, MA, O
Prof. Dr. Martin Dressel, Universität Stuttgart;
Prof. Dr. Dirk Manske, MPI-FKF Stuttgart

Magic MAX Phases: Self-healing, Magnetism and the Next Best Graphene (SYMM)
of the divisions MA (leading), DS, HL, MM, TT
Prof. Dr. Michael Farle, Universität Duisburg-Essen

Neurophysics: Physical Approaches to Deciphering Neuronal Information Processing (SYNP)
of the divisions BP (leading), DY, HL, MA
Prof. Dr. Theo Geisel, MPI Göttingen;
Prof. Dr. Gernot Güntherodt, RWTH Aachen

Frontiers of Electronic Structure Theory: Many-body Effects on the Nano-Scale (SYME)
of the divisions HL (leading), CPP, MM, O, TT
Prof. Dr. Steven G. Louie, University of Berkeley (USA);
Prof. Dr. Erich Runge, Technische Universität Ilmenau;
Prof. Dr. Matthias Scheffler, FHI Berlin

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